Open Water Swim Dates 2021

Open Water Swims

This Summer, Paul Sadler Swimland will once again host Open Water swims.

The transition from swimming pool to the open water is significant, with the Royal Life Saving Association estimating that the distance you can cover in the pool equating to just 10% in open water. Therefore for a young swimmer who has achieved their 1km medal, can swim an equivalent of just 100 meters in open water.

This February/March, Paul Sadler Swimland will again host our Open Water Swim in Bendigo, Brighton Baths in Melbourne and in Townsville.


Crusoe Road Reservoir, Bendigo:
Sunday 28 March @ 1pm – 2pm

Brighton Baths, Melbourne:
Saturday 27 March from 9am – 3pm

Sunday 28 February from 9am – 3pm

Friday 26 March from 4pm.

These open water swims are vitally important to our program because we understand that in enabling stronger, safer swimmers we need to support them through a range of activities and situations. With open water presenting different conditions like colder water, currents, seaweed, salty water, water not as clear, waves, plus the potential for quite a lot of surface movement if windy, the environment can throw even the most capable swimmer. We pride ourselves on being the Survival Specialists and therefore we build our programs around the range of skills a swimmer needs to be safer, including swimming in the open water.