The survival specialists

Zero drown toll is our goal!

We pride ourselves on being The Survival Specialists.

Through a strong history in developing and refining the teaching of survival skills, we’ve developed a program that centres on building safer swimmers.

Regular swimming lessons are one of the few life-saving interventions that we, as parents, can do for our children. We want to make sure that if you’ve committed to these lessons, we’ve committed to you, to teach your children the skills they need to be safer swimmers. We do this through teaching survival skills at every level.

Our pools are specially designed to have a deep end that children are unable to stand up in. We then spend a minimum of 10 minutes per swimming lesson in deep water, where we teach treading water, deep water recovery (safety circle), mobility on front and back until children have achieved 2 minutes treading water.

The lifelong skill of proficient swimming

Once children have achieved this, our survival skills centre around maintaining and building on skills to enable them towards being stronger swimmers with the lifelong skill of proficient swimming.

Our Swordy 1km swims are a vital part of our program. Not only are they a GREAT achievement, but also a great indicator that your children are proficient swimmers and a goal to aim before exiting lessons. Parents often cease lessons when they feel comfortable with their children’s level of competency in the water, but studies have shown that parents often overestimate their children’s swimming and safety abilities. That’s why we’ve made Swordy 1km an achievable goal for all our swimmers.

Our Open Water Swims are another pivotal element in our program. We understand that the transition from swimming pools to open water is considerable – with 1km in the pool being the equivalent to around 100m in the open water. We therefore want to build the survival skills of our swimmers in a range of environments, so we help transition them out of the controlled pool environment into the more unpredictable open water environment.

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