What’s different about us

We do things differently to get different results.

Our goal is to teach children the skills they need to be safer swimmers. We do that by teaching them the survival skills they need at each level. We teach children to tread water, to get to the edge of a pool and get out, we simulate falling into the deep end and how to recover so if they were to fall in they have a base knowledge of what to do.

We assess each child during every swimming lesson, so there’s no waiting around in the wrong level. As soon as your child has acquired the skills of their current level they will be moved up.

We make sure your children have maximum participation time in every lesson, which also helps them progress faster.

We use teaching aids to minimise stress, which maximises the movement and fast-tracks learning. Low tension levels have been proved to result in an increase in coordination, so we encourage low tension through the use of teaching aids.

Learn to swim with the Survival Specialists

Save Lives

Enrolling in swimming lessons that focus on teaching deep water survival skills is one of the best decisions you can make for your family.

We teach survival skills at every level and in our lower levels we spend a minimum of 10 minutes per lesson in deep water, where we teach treading water, deep water recovery (safety circle) and mobility on front and back until children have achieved 2 minutes treading water.

Our unique approach facilitates accelerated progression, with the aim of having every child in our swim school learning to be safer as soon as possible.

While every child should be supervised around water, arming your children with the skills to save themselves, in the event they‘re in a dangerous or life-threatening situation, is something that our customers are extremely grateful for.

Save Time

Our unique method of teaching fast tracks progression meaning your child will reach their goals faster and importantly saves you time.

Our program has a proud reputation of accelerated progress and has produced children capable of a 3km nonstop freestyle swim at the age of six years. Our unique teaching methods and strategic use of equipment and space ensures that students are constantly moving and practicing skills. Our lessons are scripted to the minute and each level has an appropriate balance between practice and rest, and not waiting for a turn.

We have a commitment to treat each child based on ability (not age) and our incredibly passionate, talented staff ensure that each child is challenged according to their skillset.

As soon as your child can complete the required skills for each level, we move onto the next challenge. There is no waiting. We’re committed to delivering as many small successes and proud moments we can every lesson your family attends.

Save Stress

From first contact, the journey will be stress free and enjoyable for you and your family.

Paul Sadler Swimland’s unique approach to enrolment provides you with the ability to enrol at any time of the year. Our program is a year-round swimming program so you can start whenever it suits you.

Once you are booked that placement is yours (unless you need it changed). We run multiple different levels at the one time slot so that, if you have more than one child, you can book them in at the same time, in different parts of the pool! All this makes swimming one less ball to juggle in your busy schedule.

We have our most experienced team members on pool deck to keep you up to date on your child’s progress and answer any questions you might have.

Through our online portal and app you can enrol, make payments, mark absences, book make-up classes, view your swimmers progress and more all at a time that is convenient to you.

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