Private Swim Lessons

4 months – adults

At Paul Sadler Swimland we offer one to one swim lessons for any swimmers who want to work privately with a qualified swim teacher. 

Our private program has been designed to allow a swimmer to have less distractions around them in the swimming pool, and the swimming teachers undivided attention. 

In a private swimming lesson you have the opportunity to focus on the particular water safety skills and stroke techniques.

Would you just simply prefer private swim lessons as you learn? Our teachers are ready to assist you one-on-one!

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One-to-one swimming lessons for that extra support

While all of our classes are offered in smaller swim groups to help ensure that each swimmer gets personalised support from our teachers, we understand that private swimming lessons may be a more comfortable and effective option for certain swimmers.  

Whether you need private baby swimming lessons, adult swimming lessons, or private lessons for your child, we have a swimming teacher who is ready to privately help you learn to swim. 

While our private swimming lessons are a fantastic option for beginner swimmers needing extra support to conquer survival and swimming skills, advanced swimmers can also take advantage of this program to refine their technique. 

No matter the reason you want to book one-to-one swimming lessons, our teachers are ready to teach you this essential life skill with kindness, expert experience, and a passion that’s contagious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need private lessons with a swim instructor?

Private swim lessons may be a good idea for the following reasons:

  • A swimmer has experienced water trauma or has a fear of the water that needs the full attention and support of the swim teacher
  • A swimmer has special needs and cannot cope in group lessons
  • A swimmer gets too distracted by other swimmers and loud noises during group lessons and needs private instruction to effectively learn
  • A swimmer needs more time to master certain skills and techniques 
  • A swimmer has a schedule that needs lessons with more flexibility 
  • A swimmer would feel more comfortable asking the swim teacher questions, or even receiving feedback in a one-on-one environment 
  • As a parent you would feel more comfortable with your child learning survival skills alone before they are placed in group lessons to further progress
  • You are an adult learning to swim for the first time or learning to refine your technique and you would prefer to learn alone rather than in our small group classes
How often can you have one-to-one swim lessons with a child or adult swimming instructor?

We offer group swimming lessons at least once a week for our parent/child, learn-to-swim, and adult swimming programs. If desired, these swimmers can choose to participate in more lessons throughout the week to help fast track their learning. 

For private swimming lessons, the availability of our swim teachers will differ between each location. For any private swim lessons, we recommend weekly lessons as you build your skills. When there is a break in attending regular formal lessons, skills will regress (as we saw during COVID-19). 

Get in contact with the Paul Sadler Swimland team at your nearest location today to start swimming. Our friendly team will be happy to help you!

Are your swimming instructors qualified to teach private swim lessons?

Our swim teachers have excellent experience connecting with the swimmers that they teach. Each lesson is run with extensive knowledge, a passion for swimming, a nurturing attitude, and the aim to see every swimmer succeed. 

Even during group lessons, our swim teachers are able to help ensure that every swimmer receives personalised attention and feedback. By signing up for private swim lessons with one of our swimming teachers, you’ll be able to receive all of their expert teaching one-on-one.

If I learn swimming privately, what benefits could there be?

Possible benefits of one-to-one swimming lessons could include:

  • A higher level of personal interaction between swim teacher and swimmer
  • Private swimming lessons can be more adaptable to a swimmer’s unique personality traits (e.g. fear of water, shyness)
  • More personalised goal setting and feedback
  • More customised swim lesson
  • A swimmer can improve swim skills faster due to full attention from swim teacher 
  • No distractions from other swimmers
  • More time for their individual swimming and learning
Can I use a private swimming instructor if I’m a competitive swimmer?

While many swimmers would choose private lessons because they require more support as they’re learning swim and survival skills, our swim teachers have the ability to help swimmers refine and perfect swim techniques. If you’re a competitive swimmer seeking to improve your swimming skills, get in contact with your nearest Paul Sadler Swimland location to find out the availability of our private swim lessons.

What other swim programs do you offer at your swim school?

At Paul Sadler Swimland we also offer group swimming programs for babies aged 4 months to 3 years, children over 3 years old, adults of any skill level, and school holiday classes. 

For more information about each of our programs, follow the links below:

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