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Beginner to experienced

Being in and around water is such a great part of living in Australia, but we understand that some people’s swimming abilities prevent them from achieving what they would like in the water and from engaging in these wonderful experiences.

We offer adult swimming classes for all levels, from non-swimmers through to those looking for technique refinement.

So whether your goal is to complete a triathlon, go surfing, or simply play with your family comfortably at the beach or pool, we have an adult learn to swim program to suit your needs! For the best swimming classes for adults, choose Paul Sadler Swimland.

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Swimming lessons are for everyone!

A recent Royal Life Saving Australia survey found that around 25% of Australian adults would label themselves as weak swimmers, or can’t swim at all. That’s one in four Aussies who wouldn’t be able to save themselves in the case of a water emergency.

Research also shows that many adults who can’t swim choose not to learn out of embarrassment. 

At Paul Sadler Swimland, we believe that swimming lessons are for everyone! Everybody should be able to feel safe and confident in the water, and it’s never too late to learn. 

Our great team is ready to help any adults who are seeking to learn, develop, or perfect their swimming and deep water survival skills. Why not find the location closest to you and book an adult swim lesson now?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join an adult swimming lesson through Paul Sadler Swimland?

Adult swimming lessons enable swimmers to gain confidence in the water and in themselves. Our swim classes for adults are of the highest quality, and delivered by expert swim teachers who truly care about your progress and development in the pool. Our amazing team will ensure that you feel welcomed at Paul Sadler Swimland, and through their passion and love for teaching and the water, they’ll help to inspire you to feel motivated to succeed.

No matter what stage you’re in on your swimming journey, Paul Sadler Swimland is ready to assist you to be the best swimmer that you can be. Book today!

Are your adult lessons just for beginners?

Our adult program is not just for swimmers with little or no experience. Whether you need swimming lessons for adult beginners or experts, Paul Sadler Swimland is here to support you.

Although we are ‘the survival specialists’ and focus on our goal of the zero drown toll, we can help adult swimmers with more than just developing water survival skills. If you’re already a fairly strong swimmer but you’re wanting to refine your technique or even train for an event, we can help!

Our great team of swim teachers have up to 200 hours of training experience under their belts and are ready to help you reach your goals with their knowledge, passion, and care.

At Paul Sadler Swimland, we’re a recognised world leader in aquatic education so there’s truly no one better to trust with your swimming skills.

What do you teach in an adult swim class?

Our learn to swim for adults program will help to equip adult swimmers with the skills they need to become safer and more confident and comfortable in the water. Each Paul Sadler Swimland swim teacher has an extensive amount of training and experience which they apply with passion into each lesson.

In an adult swimming class we work on basic swimming skills such as:

  • Breath control
  • Stroke technique and stroke development
  • Floating on back
  • Blowing bubbles

However, in our swim programs we also focus on water safety skills like:

  • Safety circle
  • Swimming without goggles
  • Deep water work
  • Mobility on front
  • Stroke correction
  • Mobility on back
  • Treading water
  • Safe exiting and entering of swimming pool
  • Open Water Swims
Do you offer private adult swim lessons?

While our typical adult classes are taught in small groups, we also offer private swim lessons for adults.

If you need extra support while learning water safety skills and improving your swimming ability, our teachers can help. By signing up to our private swimming lessons for adults you’ll get the personalised one-on-one teaching that you require to learn how to swim stress free.

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