Parent Child Program

4 months – 3 years

Our baby swimming program is aimed at babies from four months to three years. It’s a great, fun way to introduce your baby to all the exciting adventures they can experience in the water in a safe and playful environment.

Our Parent Child programs (Wonderbabies and Wondertots) have been designed to allow all babies to be extended in the appropriate way for their; age, developmental readiness, and ability, so there is always the perfect class for your baby when you choose baby swim classes at Paul Sadler Swimland. 

Our infant and toddler classes teach safety and survival skills, in a nurturing way, from the very first lesson. We believe that children who have respect for the water will be safer, quicker throughout their swimming journey. Our toddler and newborn swim lessons focus on water comfort, mobility, safety and survival, whilst building on their learning from land into water using colours, shapes, sounds and touch.

Babies aged 4-5 months also swim for free at Paul Sadler Swimland!

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Bond with your child during toddler and infant swim lessons 

As a parent or carer, you get to be in the water with your little one, enjoying this bonding experience together and sharing some uninterrupted one-on-one time. Baby swimming lessons are also a fun and exciting way to make new connections with other mums/dads whilst you all celebrate the progression of your little ones together.

Our great teachers are on hand to support and guide you through each lesson. They are specially trained to understand your child’s needs, and teach them in a way that is gentle, nurturing, and at their own pace. While our infant and toddler programs help your child be able to swim independently, we still focus on allowing parents and young children to truly enjoy the experience of each lesson together. 

When your child is ready, we will help your child transition smoothly from infant swimming lessons into our Learn to Swim program.

Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons FAQs

Why should my child participate in toddler and newborn swimming lessons?

Research (Griffith University 2013) has shown that children who participate in swimming lessons at a young age reach many early childhood development milestones earlier than their peers, both in and out of the pool. This study concluded that regardless of a child’s social background or gender, they achieved these milestones faster:

  • Physical development – motor skills were seven months ahead of peers
  • Cognitive development – intellectual skills such as counting and mathematical reasoning were six months ahead of their peers
  • Social development – in both social and emotional development, swimming children were fifteen months ahead of their peers


Participation in early child lessons also had the following benefits:

  • Swimming children had a smoother social transition into schooling 
  • These children also could pick up on linguistic skills easier 
  • Early swimmers have a higher value on learning 
  • They experienced improved health and fitness 
  • Better preparation in case of a swimming emergency 


For the best swim classes for babies, sign up for the parent/child program at Paul Sadler Swimland. We will help your child start swimming lessons on the right foot thanks to our emphasis on swim survival skills, and fun-focused learning.

How do you keep swimming lessons for newborns and toddlers engaging?

At Paul Sadler Swimland we offer some of the best swimming classes for babies due to the way we teach each lesson. Although we teach each child crucial survival and swimming skills, we understand that baby and toddler swimming lessons have to be run in a certain way to keep swimmers happy and engaged.

For each 30-minute swimming lesson in our parent/ child program, we like to use fun colours, shapes, toys, sounds, and touch as we teach. We also make sure that Mum or Dad are in the pool with their little one for the duration of the lesson so each early swimmer will have the best chance of enjoying their time in the water.

What does my child have to wear for their baby learn to swim classes?

For any swim classes for toddlers or infants we ask that you please ensure your child is wearing a swim nappy under their bathers before they enter the swimming pool. Make sure you also bring a clean nappy with you for after your swim class so your baby can be dry and comfortable after their lesson. 

We have baby change tables available at all of our locations for your convenience.

What if my child is afraid of the water during their baby swim lessons?

At Paul Sadler Swimland we understand that some children might be apprehensive about swimming. But kids swimming lessons don’t have to be scary! Our swimming teachers have fantastic experience supporting any children who may need a little extra confidence to tackle the pool. 

Our team also has experience dealing with special needs swimmers and know how to support these swimmers during their lessons so they can still participate and enjoy the experience. 

You can sign up for our swimming classes for toddlers and babies with the confidence that your child will receive the care, personalised attention, and support they need to succeed in the pool.

What swim programs do you offer at your swim schools?

We offer toddler and baby swimming classes for kids aged 4 months to 3 years of age, a learn-to-swim program for children over 3 years old, adult swimming lessons, private swim lessons, and classes during the school holidays. All of our swim programs focus on swimming, survival, and water safety skills in an engaging, entertaining, and educated way.

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