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Ethan Vahland
Manager / Child Safety Officer

Ethan started with Paul Sadler Swimland as a certificate writer and has been with the team since! Ethan loves teaching children to swim and helping them build a love for the water. He has a passion for the older levels and loves to see them achieve the fantastic milestones of 1km swims, Open Water Experiences and reaching their Diploma.

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At Paul Sadler Swimland Essendon, we have a range of swimming lessons available. We run babies swimming classes from 4 months old, and childrens swimming lessons from the age of 3. We also offer private classes.

We run kinder swimming programs and school swimming programs to align with the Victorian Water Safety Certificate.

If you’re interested in booking into regular swimming lessons, book your FREE 1:1 assessment using our online portal or give us a call.

Pricing plan


Our program for children aged 4 months to 3 years. Parents/Guardians are in water with children.


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Our program for children aged 3 years+

Our 13 level program teaches survival skills
at every level.


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We offer adult classes for all levels, from non-swimmers through to those looking for technique refinement.


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Our Holiday Programs provide intensive swimming instruction and practice, with a view to accelerating the development of swim and survival skills. Open to current and non-current customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How often are your swim classes?

Throughout the calendar year, we suggest your child attends at least weekly lessons as they build their confidence and conquer each new survival and swimming skill.

For a great way to see your child’s progress increase, you could also enrol your child into our holiday programs where they could swim up to 5 days in a row!

If desired, your child could also attend multiple lessons during a normal week to progress their swimming skills faster. If you ever miss a lesson for any reason, you will also be able to make up the class for no additional cost.

How much experience do your teachers have?

We understand how nerve wracking it may be to start sending your children to a swim school with swim instructors that you don’t know. But you’re making the right decision to prioritise your child’s swimming skills and confidence.

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in 0-4 year olds, so we aim to ensure that any child who attends our swim lessons is better equipped with swim survival skills to help curb this number.

All of our teachers have up to 200 hours of experience before they start to teach lessons, so every student is under the care of an expert. Our teachers also each have a passion for teaching, a love for the water, and an ability to understand the individual needs of their students.

Why should I choose Paul Sadler Swimland Essendon for swimming lessons?

At Paul Sadler Swimland Essendon we have:

  • A unique survival skill component in each swimming lesson
  • Great custom built facilities – rinse off showers, monitored pools, decks for families to watch and remain engaged in lessons
  • Free baby swim lessons for children 4-5 months old 
  • Fun school holiday programs 
  • Private classes
  • Lessons available for child swimmers of any skill level 
  • Support for special needs swimmers during lessons
  • Unlimited make-up lessons available 
  • Expert swim teachers 
  • A learn to swim program that has been refined over 50 years 
  • Learning that is fun

To join in on the swimming lessons Essendon residents love, book now! We can help your child gain water confidence, learn stroke development, and practice survival skills in a way that will keep them engaged and entertained.

What classes do you offer?

At Paul Sadler Swimland Essendon, we are proud of our classes and swim programs. Over the last 50 years we have developed lessons that are great for swimmers of any age or skill level.

Our parent / child program is for children aged 4 months to 3 years, and encourages bonding time between babies and their parents. Our learn to swim program is for children over the age of 3. We also offer private lessons, and school holiday programs.

Here’s more information regarding each specific swim program:

What’s unique about your program?

Our focus on survival skills is a unique part of our swimming classes.

We believe that focusing on more than just stroke development is beneficial for all swimmers and their water confidence and skills. In our early levels we actively spend time on survival skills in each lesson. For about 10 minutes in each lesson we have our children spend time in the deep end of the pool until they can reach 2 minutes treading water unaided. Our emphasis on survival skills helps children build confidence in the water and will help their ability to save themselves if they are ever in an emergency.

What if my child is afraid of the water?

Our team possesses more than enough experience to help your child with any fears or hesitancy they have towards the pool and swimming. We will specifically work with your child to get past their fears but do so in an empathetic, understanding, and nurturing way.

We understand that a child who is upset and stressed has less ability to practice strokes and skills with coordination, so we work hard to help every child feel comfortable and entertained throughout the lesson. When there are low levels of tension there are higher levels of coordination, confidence, and independence, so we make sure to focus on how each child feels while in the water.

Can I watch my child swim?

At our pool we have a deck area specifically designed for families to watch and remain engaged during their child’s lesson. This deck is typically around 27 degrees, and has additional staff walking around to assist any teachers if required.

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