Learn to Swim Program

3 years plus

From around three years and above, children go into swimming lessons on their own, without their parents.

Our learn to swim classes provide great opportunities for children to develop life-saving water safety and survival skills and become competent swimmers in a tension free, fun and exciting environment.

We teach survival skills at every level in our children’s swim lessons. In our lower levels we spend a minimum of 10 minutes per lesson in deep water, where we teach treading water, deep water recovery (safety circle) and mobility on front and back until children have achieved 2 minutes treading water.

Children learn by doing, so we make sure your children have maximum participation time in every lesson, which helps them progress faster. Your child will be assessed during every lesson, and once they have achieved the skills of that level they will progress to more challenging skills.

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Children’s swimming lessons with a focus on fun!

Our learn to swim lessons for children over the age of 3, aim to teach kids important survival and swimming skills in a fun and engaging way. 

Our program is an easy to follow 13 step program that takes swimmers from the very basics of swimming all the way through to long distance swims, survival techniques and strokes, and even into open water swims to make them truly capable of any water experience they wish to indulge.

One way we help encourage our swimmers to do their best in the water is using certificates for our different swim levels. As a child conquers all the skills in their current level and is ready to advance, they are awarded for their efforts with one of our special certificates.

We believe that children swim lessons shouldn’t just focus on the technical side of swimming. We want children to feel proud of their skills, comfortable and confident in the water, and have loads of fun as we teach them to become safer in the water. 

See our certificates below!

Kids swim lessons certificates

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12


Awarded To Those Who Have Completed

  • The 12 Level Program
  • 3Km Swim
  • Sub 45 (5O Metres Freestyle)
  • Open Water Swim
  • 200M Individual Medley
  • 100M Survival Obstacle Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are swim lessons for kids important?

Water safety skills are important for kids to have in Australia. With all of our oceans, pools, creeks, and dams, a child possessing little or no experience with survival swimming may be at risk of accidental drowning. Studies have proven that attending regular swim classes for kids reduces the risk of drowning by up to 88%. 

At Paul Sadler Swimland, we aim to equip kids with water safety knowledge, survival skills, and swimming techniques that help make them safer swimmers. However, we approach each lesson in a way that makes swimming fun for each child. We want all of our swimmers to look forward to their lessons so they’ll remain engaged as they’re learning, and be able to complete a stress-free swim. 

Additional benefits of children’s swimming lessons are:

  • Increased confidence 
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Good exercise and physical fitness 
  • Improved early development skills 
  • Improved social skills 
  • Better water skills and stroke development/ technique
Can I watch my kids swimming lessons?

Although swimming lessons for kids over 3 years old are completed without parents in the water, we like to help ensure that parents can remain engaged with their child’s swimming lessons if they choose.

We offer on deck seating so that parents are right there and involved in the process (rather than viewing rooms). Our swimmers’ families are as important as the swimmers themselves. We believe it’s important to keep parents involved with their child’s progress, and there’s truly nothing better for a kid than an encouraging thumbs up from mum or dad as they learn. 

For your comfort, our deck temperature remains about 27 degrees all year round.

Why do you use teaching aids in your children's swim lessons?

We use teaching aids in our lessons such as:

  • Floaties
  • Kickboards
  • Back bubbles
  • Noodles

But why? Shouldn’t we be focusing on elements like freestyle and backstroke technique or competitive swimming skills without any swimming aids?

At Paul Sadler Swimland, we don’t rush our swimmers into independence too early. If your child is not ready to progress up a level or try certain swimming skills, we will continue to support them at their own pace. One of our best techniques to support swimmers is the use of teaching aids. 

Using teaching aids gives a child extra comfort and confidence while in the water. As low tension levels encourage higher coordination levels, using teaching aids will help swimmers experience fast-tracked learning and low stress swimming. 

When ready, our swimmers will learn to swim without the use of teaching aids.

When do you stop attending swimming classes for kids?

While parents understand the importance of swim lessons for preschoolers and other young children, what do you do when your child reaches an older school age? How do you know when it’s time to stop their swim lessons?

Research shows that many parents overestimate the swimming ability of their children. Pulling a child out of lessons too early could be detrimental for their abilities and safety. This is why at Paul Sadler Swimland we assess children every lesson. You can talk to one of our great staff to get a deeper insight into how your child is progressing as a swimmer, and to be guided on the timeline of their lessons.

How do I see my child’s progress in their children swimming lessons?

If you’re ever wondering what is left to achieve at swim school, have a chat with our deck manager who can run you through what the teacher has observed/assessed or check your swimmers progress via the customer portal or app. Simply login, go to My Account, select your swimmer and view evaluations to see how they are tracking.

Where do you offer your learn to swim program?

At Paul Sadler Swimland we are proud of our children’s swimming lessons. If your child is over the age of 3, why not enrol them in learn to swim classes that they’ll not only love, but are important for their safety and development? No matter which location you choose, your child will be looked after by a qualified swim teacher who brings their passion for swimming and love of teaching into every lesson they run. 

We offer our learn to swim programs at the following locations:

Why choose Paul Sadler Swimland’s learn to swim program?

While many swim schools only emphasise correct body position and stroke technique for the sake of competitive swimming, at Paul Sadler Swimland we focus on survival skills and helping your child become a safer swimmer as soon as possible. 

However, we don’t force your child to progress faster than they should. When kids join our swim programs, there’s no failure or disappointment. Our teachers will patiently work with them until they are naturally ready to advance through each level. Choose Paul Sadler Swimland for the best swimming lessons for kids! Each child will be treated with care, understanding, and kindness as they learn to become a safer and more confident swimmer. 

At our different locations we also offer baby swim lessons, adult swimming lessons, private lessons, and classes during the school holidays. Follow the links below to learn more about our other swimming classes:

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