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Damien Iannazzo
Manager / Child Safety Officer

Damien started at Paul Sadler Swimland as a Certificate Writer and Trainee in 2002. As a child he didn’t like swimming lessons and wishes he went to fun place like Paul Sadler Swimland instead for his swimming journey. Now, as a swimming teacher himself, his favourite classes to teach are in the Kinder pool!

At Paul Sadler Swimland Hoppers Crossing, we have a range of swimming lessons available. We run babies swimming classes from 4 months old, childrens swimming lessons  through to adults swimming lessons. We also offer private classes.

We run kinder swimming programs and school swimming programs to align with the Victorian Water Safety Certificate.

If you’re interested in booking into regular swimming lessons, book your FREE 1:1 assessment using our online portal or give us a call.

Pricing plan


Our program for children aged 4 months to 3 years. Parents/Guardians are in water with children.


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Our program for children aged 3 years+
Our 13 level program teaches survival skills
at every level.


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Our program is open for 4 & 5-month-old babies to swim FREE in our parent/child program.


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We offer adult classes for all levels, from non-swimmers through to those looking for technique refinement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What survival skills do you teach?

The survival skills component of our swimming programs is unique to Paul Sadler Swimland and is something we’re proud of. Although it is important to work on stroke development, we also focus on:

  • Teaching children what to do if they fall in the water, by having them jump into the deep end, flip onto their backs and then swim to the edge
  • Ensure they repeat any survival skills over and over again to help build their muscle memory and strengthen their confidence 
  • Teach children how to tread water unaided 
  • Help children learn how to float and blow bubbles 
  • Deep water recovery 
  • Ensure children in early levels do not use goggles so they get comfortable without them, just in case they ever fall into the water

We want every child to feel safer in the water and be more prepared to help themselves in the event that there is an emergency. However, as your child learns these survival skills, they will still be having fun and be able to enjoy their time in the pool.

How often should my kids attend swim schools?

Ideally, your child should attend a swimming lesson at least once a week to give them the best chance at progressing their swimming and survival skills, confidence, and coordination.

If you want your child to attend more than once a week, don’t worry, they can! We also have a holiday program that is available for any child seeking to swim and practice their skills more consistently throughout the school holidays. Just imagine the amount of progress they could make by swimming multiple times during the week!

Can I learn to swim as an adult?

No one is too old to learn how to swim. In Australia, we are surrounded by beaches and have access to plenty of pools, dams, and creeks. This means that learning to swim and practising water survival skills in a controlled environment, such as an indoor pool, is a good starting point.

At our Hoppers Crossing location we have a strong adult swim program. No matter what experience or skill level you are currently at, our swim teachers can help you build your confidence and skills in the water. Don’t let your age hold you back from learning an important life skill. Book now to join our great adult classes. Our teachers will apply their extensive training to your lessons and treat you with the respect, understanding, and empathy that you deserve.

Why should I choose Paul Sadler Hoppers Crossing VIC for swimming lessons?

Regular swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88%.

At Paul Sadler Swimland we aim to:

  • Save lives
  • Save time
  • Save stress

Our focus on deep water survival is unique to our program, will help your child progress their water safety and skills faster, and remove the stress from you and your family. Whether you are a parent looking for someone to teach your child to swim, an adult seeking technique refinement or wanting to learn from scratch, we have a class for you!

Here’s more info regarding each swim school program we offer:

Book now to join the swimming lessons Hoppers Crossing locals trust to help them progress their skills and foster their love for the water.

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