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David Ryan
Manager / Child Safety Officer

David, joined our team here in Bendigo back in 2010 and became the assistant manager in 2012. He has worked in all areas of the business and brings this knowledge, along with his passion for teaching children to swim, to the role as Manager. David loves that he gets to work with kids, teaching them vital life saving skills and that he can call the swimming pool his office!

At Paul Sadler Swimland Bendigo, we have a range of swimming lessons available. We run babies swimming classes from 4 months old, childrens swimming lessons through to adults swimming lessons. We also offer private classes.

We run kinder swimming programs and school swimming programs to align with the Victorian Water Safety Certificate.

If you’re interested in booking into regular swimming lessons, book your FREE 1:1 assessment using our online portal or give us a call.

Pricing plan


Our program for children aged 4 months to 3 years. Parents/Guardians are in water with children.


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Our program for children aged 3 years+
Our 13 level program
teaches survival skills
at every level.


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Our program is open for 4 & 5-month-old babies to swim FREE in our parent/child program.


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We offer adult classes for all levels, from non-swimmers through to those looking for technique refinement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you teach your kids to swim?

Australia’s sunny climate is perfect for swimming so it’s important that you and your children are prepared. We can equip you with the skills to handle potentially tricky situations so you can enjoy your time spent in the water.

Regular swimming lessons improve your children’s chances of surviving a water emergency and reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88% according to America’s National Institute of Health. We also encourage lessons that instil a lifelong love of the water. We want your pride and joy to thrive in the water, not just survive in the water.

Paul Sadler Swimland Bendigo is committed to teaching your child the necessary water safety skills with a kind, respectful and experienced approach.

What can your teachers offer?

Any qualified swim teacher will tell you that learning the appropriate skills to be safer in the water is as important as your stroke technique. The unexpected can happen at any time and being prepared is key. As our manager at Paul Sadler Swimland Bendigo and an experienced swim teacher, David has seen thousands of swimmers evolve in our intensive program, all the while having fun in the water.

He knows that it’s not just about how good you are technically, but also about fostering respect, love and understanding of the water. A private lesson or group classes with one of our diligent teachers is a safe and structured setting to gain this knowledge and experience.

David believes that no matter a child’s age or abilities, they can become a confident swimmer. His passion for swimming and aquatic education is evident through his careful management of our various swim programs.

Why should you choose our swimming lessons in Bendigo?

Paul Sadler Swimland Bendigo is more than just a swim school. We are committed to teaching water safety and technique to all ages and experience levels. Our swimming lessons are designed around safe, creative and fun activities because learning shouldn’t have to be rigid.

We have a dedicated and passionate team with world class skills. They are nationally accredited and qualified through independent accreditation programs. Before they can teach classes, they are required to attend our 200 hours of in-house training. This is well beyond the basic requirement for swim teachers which is why we pride ourselves on our motivated, caring and knowledgeable team.

Contact us today for more information or to book a swim lesson or assessment to help us determine your needs.

What’s included in your classes for infants?

Infant aquatics introduces the littlest members of your family to the pool in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

We run an intuitive baby led swimming program, on the back of Harvard research that shows negative results with forcing children under water. This means that the baby decides when they are happy to attempt a submersion, and the parent and/or teacher respect what the baby is telling them. This is done by using strong verbal, visual and kinesthetic cues and monitoring the baby’s body language and reactions.

Our teachers lead classes with tenderness and ensure your bubs are engaged using colours, shapes, sounds and touch. At Paul Sadler Swimland, we are seeing remarkable results when we allow the baby to choose when they are submerged.

What’s included in your learn to swim classes for children?

From 3 years onwards, children transition into independent lessons without their parents. Every class will further develop your children’s freestyle and technical swimming abilities. We have a strong focus on survival skills in the water. Children spend a minimum of 10 minutes in the deep end of the pool during every lesson until they are able to tread water for 2 minutes unaided.

Our experienced team will safely teach children to tread water, deep water recovery and mobility. This unique aspect of our lessons will build your child’s confidence in the water and help to ease your mind as a loving parent.

What’s included in your classes for adults?

For adults, we offer lessons from beginner through to expert. A one-on-one assessment will help us to determine your needs and skill set so that we can find the right class that meets your individual needs. If you’re not keen on group classes, we also offer private lessons.

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