The importance of swimming year round

Swim Year Round

At Paul Sadler Swimland we have a deep passion for helping children learn to swim and in reducing the drowning toll in Australia and the world. 

One key area that we have long been advocates for, is Year Round Swimming. Regular formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88% – which is a HUGE amount! With the cooler weather upon us, we understand that people can feel hesitant to continue swimming, but we wanted to share the benefits and likewise the risks of stopping lessons through the Winter.

Top benefits of year round swimming…

  • For many swimmers, the only access to the water during Winter is through their regular formal swimming lessons. This makes lessons SUPER important in order to maintain progress. 
  • Swimmers who start and stop lessons don’t pick up from where they left off, their skills regress. Meaning that it will ultimately take longer to reach your goal of being a safer swimmer. 
  • Our pools offer Perfect Conditions for swimming – all day, every day! With pool temperatures set to a delightful 32˚ and our deck set for 27˚ – it’s like a little Summer holiday each and every day😉.
  • Summer swimmers really are made in the Winter. By swimming through the year you are putting yourself and your family in the best place to enjoy a Safer Summer. 
  • Regular physical activity can reduce the likelihood of illness.

Top tips for swimming throughout the cooler months…

  • Wrap up nice and warm for the walk to the car. Our favourites are zip up towels, ugg boots and a beanie!
  • If your little one is prone to ear aches, grab some swimming ear putty or ear bands.
  • If you are unwell for a lesson, mark yourself absent via our portal or app at least 30 minutes before your scheduled lesson. That way you’ll receive a make-up token to use when you’re feeling better.

So, while you may not be a Superhero…by enrolling your child to swim all year you could be a lifesaver…and that’s AMAZING!