Introducing Our New Paul Sadler Swimland Friends!

We’re SUPER excited to introduce our newest team members here at Paul Sadler Swimland. These adorable characters are ready to splash into your swimming adventures and make learning to swim even more fun!

First up, we have the delightful Puggle the baby Platypus! Did you know that these cute creatures are born swimmers? Just like you, they start off with a little help from their mums, dads and carers before they’re ready to paddle on their own. That’s why the Platypus is the perfect companion for our littlest swimmers in the Parent/Child Program. So grab your grown-up and dive into some splish-splashing fun with Puggle the baby Platypus by your side!

Next, say hello to the charming Paxton the Fairy Penguin! These adorable animals might not venture too far from land, but they sure know how to stay safe in the water. With their knack for safety circles and returning to the wall, the Fairy Penguin is here to guide you through levels 4-6 with confidence and style. So let’s waddle our way to swimming success with the Fairy Penguin leading the way!

Last but not least, meet our cool Australian Fur Seal. Seals are like the swimming pros of the animal kingdom, gliding effortlessly through the water in all directions. Whether it’s backstroke, breaststroke, or even a little underwater exploration, Lulu, the Australian Fur Seal, is here to cheer you on as you master those four strokes and build up your breath control. So get ready to dive in and swim like a seal in levels 7-9!

We’re thrilled to have these native Aussie animals join our Paul Sadler Swimland family. Not only do they represent the incredible diversity of wildlife in Australia, but they also celebrate the strength and spirit of Aussie swimmers worldwide.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned swimmer, our new friends are here to make your aquatic adventures unforgettable. Get ready to dive, splash, and have some fun with Lulu the Australian Fur Seal, Puggle the baby Platypus, and Paxton the Fairy Penguin by your side!