Story Time With Tammy van Wisse

Story Time With Tammy van Wisse

Join Australian long distance swimmer, Tammy van Wisse, as she reads the book Boo’s Adventures At The Farm. Tammy loves to swim especially on a hot day. But she reminds us that we must always be careful when we are in and around water.

Tammy van Wisse is a long-distance swimmer who through her career swam over 65,000 kms in her career – including swimming the English Channel twice – and she is the only person to have swum across the treacherous Bass Strait from King Island to Apollo Bay.

Tammy was invited to participate in Kids Alive Storytime and lend her support to help increase water safety education for under-fives. Kids Alive Storytime with Famous Friends, involves the stars reading one of the Kids Alive water safety books covering safety messages for the pool, beach, farm, and home.

As an owner of one of our pools, Tammy is passionate about giving kids the skills to be safe around water, through swimming lessons and education programs and said the Kids Alive Storytime with Famous Friends initiative helped children absorb water safety messages in a really fun way. “I believe there is absolutely nothing more important that you can do for your child than give them the skills to be safe around water,” she said. “Tragically, drowning is still one of the leading causes of accidental death in children under five and I find this absolutely heartbreaking.”

Laurie Lawrence, who founded Kids Alive 21 years ago, said the book reads aligned with aspects of the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030 in supporting the availability of education to the at-risk zero to four years age group. “Kids Alive is solely focused on educating families with young ones in this age group and the Storytime with Famous Friends is another way for us to reach more people and make our message as engaging and accessible as possible,” he said.